Welcome to The New World of TeleCare

People have a strong desire to remain independent at home, and fortunately, this is often the least expensive alternative. A technology assist system can provide a safer, healthier, and happier environment. This is what RevoCare is all about.

Our systems and products are fully featured, flexible, expandable, and value priced. They are easy and enjoyable to use.

RevoCom brings the most innovative and fully featured product to today’s market. It combines aspects of smart home technology, internet communications, telewellness and socialization in one flexible, user friendly and affordable device.


RevoCare System


RevoCom Platform

Our hosted RevoCloud provides all the features that users will expect from a modern, well-engineered telecom platform.Read more

RevoCare Terminal


The RevoCare terminal is a revolutionary wellbeing monitoring device built into a video phone specially designed for seniors who live alone at home.Read more


Management Portal

The RevoDashboard is an easy-to-navigate web page where a carer can remotely monitor a large number of terminal users.Read more

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

To guarantee greater safety of the residents and bring comfort to the carers, we have created a mobile application dedicated to carers.Read more



Sensor readings are recorded directly to the system, allowing carers to view readings and reports through the Management Portal. Read more



Our services include designing interfaces, and platform branding. Applications development, functionality expansion.Contact us!


Benefits for the Care Recipient

  • Video phone with intuitive user inter-face specifically designed to make it easy to use by people unfamiliar with technology.
  • Easy free unlimited voice/video communications with loved ones and care providers
  • Maintain your own personal schedule with appointments and reminders
  • Notification Board
  • Accesses to Social network , Radio, Alarm clock, Weather, Picture Frame
  • Add connections to frequently used services like grocery shopping, Taxi or Local Hairdressers

Benefits for the Carer and Families

  • Easy unlimited voice/video communications
  • Send Text and reminders
  • Real-time sensor status and wellbeing updates
  • Picture sharing
  • Help your loved ones monitor and manage their medication compliance

Benefits for the Care Agencies

  • Save your operation cost
  • Create own new Added Value Services
  • Easy free unlimited voice/video communications with residents and co-worker’s
  • Improved Efficiency: by capturing mobile carer movement and time
  • Real-time sensors and “Panic Button” status
  • Send text, reminders and satisfaction questioners to residents
  • Generate monthly activity reports